500+ Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers List For Friendship In 2022

500+ Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers List For Friendship In 2022

500+ Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers List For Friendship In 2022: Hello, guys here we are back with a new and interesting article. This article is special for the boys who are searching for a female friend. You are in the correct place. Here you are going to find any kind of active girl number by which you can easily talk and them. You are here who are searching girls’ WhatsApp number list 2022 around the internet. But the majority of blogs and website gives you the wrong contact details of all girls’ WhatsApp number. here we are providing more than 500+ real girls’ WhatsApp group numbers.

Suppose you want the numbers of the girls so there are Some rules to be followed. While using the numbers provided by us. If you are Single so this is the best place for you where you will never be alow you will find the best partner ever here. First, you have to talk with them and ask for their name and talk continue and ask also their loved ones and their hobbies and what she wants for their friends.  We are providing 500+ Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers List For Friendship In 2022.

Rules to be followed

  1. Be polite with your texts
  2. Don’t write in shorthand or try to create unnecessary quotation marks yourself. It seems unsustainable.
  3. The man has a duty to respect the woman, but the woman has a duty to give the man some respect. So when you start a conversation, be polite, maintain your dignity, and give it space.
  4. Don’t start sending ‘good morning’ pictures. A simple message of good morning sounds more sincere and sweet.
  5. Always try to find out his interests and hobbies, and share your hobbies with him. You may discover that you have something in common and this will be a great start to the conversation.
  6. Don’t go for less than your full potential unless you have something to appeal to.

How to friendship with girls 

Most of the boys are creasy and have the interest to talk with the new girls so here are the numbers of the girls who are interested to talk with the boys. And want to become great friends. If you start talking with the girl first you have to ask for her name and also talk you have to talk with them and ask for the name and talk continue and also ask their love ones and the hobbies and what she wants for the friends. Corporate with here. Also, listen to what she wants to do, and all.

Girls’ WhatsApp number for friendship

Name Whatsapp number Age
Tamika Bhowmik 690979657 21
Payal Sutradhar 392649202 19
Sayani Saha 988381769 22
Drishya Adhikari 2398707695 20
Shreya Adhikari 1797392649 18
Bipasha Nag 5487120986 19
Ayesha Karji 89381739 23
Anamika Pal 969370298 19
Kallyani Poddar 738259272 20
Neha das 02738293 21

500+ Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers List For Friendship In 2021

Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Number for Friendship+918526594296
Country: India
City: Mumbai Delhi Bangalore
Name: Elise
Age: 24 years old

500+ Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers List For Friendship In 2021

Nikki Roy
Delhi Whatsapp Chatting Phone Number+916291954552
Country: India
City: Delhi, Mumbai Kolkata Bangalore Pune Ahmedabad Hyderabad
Name: Nikki
Age: 22 years old

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How to Find Girls Numbers?

1. First, you need to select your preferred country, and check for the list of available WhatsApp numbers.
2. So, you can see the name, WhatsApp status, age, and WhatsApp number to connect and talk.
3. After all this, it’s up to you how you interact with the girls for being friends. Don’t be rude or ask for money, these girls just want friendship.
4. Most of these girls are always online and excited to become friends.

 Wise List of Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Name Numbers
Gita Yadav
+91 8987986505
Aarti Yadav
+91 9769339289
Uravi Singh
+91 7549086728
Sony Kumari
+91 8709214811
Punam Singh
+91 7665689005
Pooja Singh
+91 7827447503
Nisha Singh
+91 9785067406
Pallavi Singh
+91 8580176625
Nidi Kumari
+91 9939064725
Nayna Singh
+91 9939064725
Monika Singh
+91 7419116334
Jayoti Kumari
+91 9516803305
Kajal Maurya
+91 7860302256
Jiya Singh
+91 8905048914
Jyoti Sharma
+91 6232462998
Hitansi Rajput
+91 6154345437
Deepa Singh
+91 8580176625
Farin Khan
+91 8987986505
Faehin Khan
+91 6289056920
Disha Singh
+91 7549086728
Deepa Kumari
+91 977173O889
Muskan Singh
+91 7596988917
Sapna Singh
+91 7070542207
Kajal Sharma
+91 9511316499
Priya Singh
Aayusi kumari
+91 8096626002
Sonam Singh
+91 8905586855
Kavita Rajput
+91 9609995151
Priya Singh
+91 9016555919
Priya Kumari
+91 8480533161
Pooja Pawar
+91 7860340341
Nisha Maurya
+91 8872496468
Neha Singh
+91 8420886753
Kusi Varma
+91 8050857314
Kiran Singh
+91 7618935302
Kavita Singh
+91 9587759143
Jyoti Singh
+91 6289422201
Hina Singh
+91 9511316499
Anamika Kumari
+91 7449466495
Ruchika Singh
+91 8179802077

How can I get a girl’s phone number?

It is a very difficult task to get any girl’s phone number unless you already have approached her. You can simply try the above list of girls’ WhatsApp numbers and try to make friends as a girlfriend.

How do I get more friends on WhatsApp?

Follow the below simple steps to get more friends on WhatsApp:

  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Go to the Chat window and click on the chat icon.
  • Afterward, Scroll down.
  • Tap on invite Friends on Whatsapp.


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