Funny Among us names

Funny Among us names

Hello guys, I am back with the best Funny Among us names which will make the game more interesting while playing and taking the name in the game. And also here I am going to tell you how to change to name in the game.  So first you should know about this game.

About Among Us

Among Us is the online multiplayer mobile game which is developed and published by Americans. It has been released on June 15, 2018. While all the people were busy playing other games as Pubg after the game was banned in many counters so the game Among Us has become the most populated game. The game is basically in a space-themed setting. Whereas there are 2 teams as Crewmate and Impostor where the host can decide how many Impostor will be there in the game. and the Crewmate has to complete the tasks. So here was some brief about the Among Us.

How to change the name in Among Us

Here I am going to tell you how you can change the name is easy steps:

1:Open Among Us and click on Online/Local play.

2: The name change option appears on the top of the screen.

3: After that write or past the name you want in the game and press ‘OK’.

Funny Among us names

Funny Among us names

Here are some funny names you can keep in the game as you name given below:

  • Limelight
  • NotImposter
  • Sabot Age
  •  You
  •  Everybody
  •  Red
  •  Vent
  •  I Saw You
  •  Crewmate
  •  No one
  • Yellow
  •  Cross
  •  Boomer
  • Goose
  •  Cheater
  •  Insider
  • Silent
  • Dontkillme
  •  Zero
  •  bunny
  • rocket
  •  eXwhY
  •  DeD
  • Change
  •  NotBlue
  • BlueVented
  • ElekTrical
  • Flame
  • Meltdown
  • Eccentric
  • IAmYou
  • Rapid
  • ExWhyZed
  • BlackYellow
  • ZeaL
  • Question
  • HaveADream
  • WhyKillMe?
  • Sacrifice
  • Victory
  • SpaceShip
  • OneDay
  • Fishy?
  • SpareMe
  • Asteroid
  • CanCer
  • StarsAlign
  • Danger
  • CheckMate
  • YouRSus
  • TakeTheL
  • WhoYou?
  • NoCap Traumatic

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  • So here are some Indian names you will love to keep it : 
  • Lodulalit
  • kantabai
  • ramukaka
  • prpndkulr
  • kalin bhiya
  • munna
  • quital
  • munna
  • baba ji
  • kaun tha
  • maiyahahu
  • akhanda
  • gober
  • tatti
  • jetha
  • happu
  • ravan
  • kutta
  • kutti
  • Binod
  • bro

There was some popular and good Funny Among us names which you can keep in the game as your names. If you have more suggestions so given below in the comment section. 

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