how to curve text in illustrator

How to curve text in illustrator

As we all know that ILLUSTRATOR is the best software for Graphics, and designing as well as editing the photos of any kind. So here i am going to tell you how you can curve the text in the ILLUSTRATOR software in some easy steps: 


How to curve the text in illustrator


So here are some steps by which you can easily learn to curve the text and continue your work without any problem. Here you will learn how these techniques can be used to create any kind of advanced typographic artwork and also with cool designs.


Step 1.  Warp

This is a very simple step and also well known to those acquainted with Illustrator, but it’s indeed the very easy Effect > Warp. Let us go through this step by step. Firstly, you have to select your text using the selection tool (on the Keyboard).

how to curve text in illustrator


After selecting the Warp option, then select the >Bulge option. after selection the Bulge option you will see that the new page will be open in front of you as seen in the picture below,


how to curve text in illustrator


Here you can see some options by which you can easily band or make your text larger or smaller in size. The text and in also any direction which can be the vertical or horizontal direction. and also don’t forget to right check the Preview option which is in the left down corner.

Step 2. Envelope Distort


In this option, you can see a popup – notification 4+4 Rows and columns then select the options as seen in the picture given below. And then you will see and other options make with mesh select, and here we go so from here your experience workes here.


how to curve text in illustrator

Step 3.

For you here is an another option which is a good and easy option as you can see in the picture given below in some very easy steps :

how to curve text in illustrator

While working on it your skill will get improve and you will become a pro on working on it. If you will have any kind of issue so please leave a comment below.




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