How to Donate A Car in California

How to Donate A Car in California

Hey, I am back with the new article as you have seen the headline How to donate a car in California. Are you finding a reliable car donation program in your city or state? So here we are to help you. There are many charity programs in California that allow the used vehicle as you can donate the vehicle easily them.

Suppose you have used your car and want to donate the car so there are many charities. Where you can easily donate your car which will help the program other. So here are your all answers so without wasting the time let’s get started.

You might find yourself getting interested in a certain nonprofit for the homeless, but the thing is, they don’t take poorly running cars like the one that you have. If that happens, don’t worry.

Just remember to follow these tips before you decide to give away that old car of yours. Here are some points to be followed :

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How to Donate A Car In California

  • Find the organization or charity you want to donate to. If you don’t want to get scammed, this step is essential. Do your due diligence to find reputable organizations—perhaps one with a mission that aligns with your values—to make your donation more meaningful. 
  • Gather the required documents. You will most likely only need to hand over a signed title. You may be asked for more information such as the car’s make and model, And also the NOC from the car company. vehicle identification number (VIN), current mileage, And also all the related document related to the car.
  • Check the Pub. 78 data. With this IRS ( Search for Tax Exempt Organizations ). This is an official website of the United States Government Where you can easily check for the real details and the status of the Charity to which you want to donate your car.
  • Check your car’s fair market value. Before donating you can check for the best value of your car by which you can get the best price for your car. There are many sites where you can get a fair price for your car so check, please.
  • Schedule a pickup. There are many organizations that offer free pickup services to make the process as convenient as possible. Which will be easier for you and more convenient.
  • Keep your donation receipt. You will need to claim tax deductions, which equal the sale price the organization was able to get. So don’t forget to keep the donation receipt with you.

How to Donate A Car in California

Websites to donate your car in California

Here is a list of the websites where you can easily find the best place to donate your cars. You can easily check for them by just clicking on the names as shown below  :

  1. American Children’s Cancer Association

  2. Wheels For Wishes

  3. Kars4Kids

  4. Cars for Prostate Cancer

  5. Goodwill

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 Steps you must take to complete your vehicle title transfer for car donations in California

  • Fill out and sign your car title.
  • If your vehicle is less than ten years old, report the odometer mileage reading.
  • Fill out a vehicle/vessel transfer and reassignment form, which is only available at the California department of motor vehicles.
  • Make certain that the charity’s legal representative signs the vehicle title.
  • Complete a notice of transfer and release of liability form, which must submit within five days of the transfer date.

Once you complete all the processes so you don’t have to suffer with any other process. How to Donate A Car in California

Cars accepted by the charities 


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