how to get six in Ludo king

How to get six in Ludo king

Ludo King is the most popular dice game played by the Indians. It has been listed as the most popular game in this 2020 lockdown. So here are some easy tips and tricks, by which you can win the match by getting six in the game.

how to get six in Ludo king

How to get six in the dice in Ludo king

Here I am going to tell you how you can win the match. By some Tips and Tricks by which you can bring the six in the dice several times. It has been a great concern of Indian gamers recently. The game is distributed by Unity game and launched to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle platforms.

About Ludo King

how to get six in ludo king

It has been a classic board game. The game is developed by an Indian game studio, in Mumbai named as Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. The studio was basically published in Ludo King officially in December 2016. Mr. Vikash Jaiswal is the owner of the gaming company, he is from Patna Bihar.

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Ludo King Tricks And Tips To Win

The game is simple and easy to play. It is a multiplayer game. So here are the Tips and Trick.

how to get six in ludo king

Try To Move All The Token Out Of The Base

One of the very first tricks for ludo king is moving out all the tokens from the base. If you make a six number in the dice so don’t suspect to move your token out.

here what you need to do is follow the instruction given below :

  1. keep your eye on the green ticker that appears on your avatar. 
  2. As soon as one-quarter of the green ticker has cleared i.e. one-fourth of your time to roll the dice and passed tap on the dice. 
  3. You will get six almost always when you tap on the dice at the point. 

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