how to raise hand in zoom

how to raise hand in zoom

Hello guys, here I am back with the new article which will be really useful for you all. The article is all about How to raise hand in zoom. Here you can use the “raise hand” feature in Zoom during a video conference call or while you study in regular online classes. As we all know that the zoom teleconferencing has become the most popular application to join and attend meetings and to attend online classes. Since the lockdown due to the COVID-19.

All the people were started using the Zoom application. After that, the most common questions were asked while doing the videos all how to raise the hand in Zoom.

As in real life, we all can easily raise the hand but when it comes to online communication it becomes so tough to understand how to raise the hand.

So here I am going to tell you how you can raise your hand in the Zoom without disturbing or interfering with the other person with easy steps.

how to raise hand in zoom

What is a ‘Raised Hand’ in Zoom?

Zoom allows the users to interact with the host in the middle of the meeting by allowing them to give their feedback. The other users can request to speak up or poke a message to the host if they have muted their voice during the call. So here this is the best option to raise hand feature to give the feedback or direct to the host with regards during the meeting. Now let have a look into the how-to raise hand in zoom meetings or in the online classes.

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How you can raise the hand while using a mobile phone?

If you are active in the zoom and attending the meeting. While launching the zoom application from your phone. either may it will be Android or iOS. Here is the process to raise the hand in the zoom, just follow the instruction given below:

  • Open the zoom app as a participant

how to raise hand in zoom

  • Click on the More button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen (as given 3 dots (…)) As you can see in the picture.

how to raise hand in zoom

  • Click on Raise Hand. And here we go. 

How to ‘Raise a Hand’ on the desktop or laptop?

So here I am going to tell you how you can Raise a hand on the Desktop and also on the Laptop. You can easily Raise a hand with some easy steps as given below:

  • Launch Zoom and join as a participant
  • Click on the participant’s button at the bottom of the screen

how to raise hand in zoom


  • You will notice a list of participants shows up on the screen. At the bottom right-hand side of the screen, you have the option to click on Raise Hand




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